Women tend to worry about a lot of things, one of those things is their breast size and with men making common declarations like ‘I’m a boobs man’ or ‘I’m an ass man’; one can only wonder if the size of a woman’s breast is ever a topic of discussion with men and/or is a criteria when picking out a woman.

It’s the Women’s month and even more importantly, we have declared tomorrow, PINK DAY, a day dedicated to breasts here at TNC. So, to understand the male perception on breast size, I took a mini-survey and I must say, I was a bit surprised at some of the answers I got.

Question: Does breast size really matter to you? And what is it about breasts that men can’t seem to get enough of?

Mr A: Breast Size matters to me but contrary to most, the bigger isn’t always better. Anything above a C cup is like a no-no for me, ’cause when I look at her all I see is her in 20 years. I know all boobs sag but you can’t compare a saggy D or DD to a saggy C cup. So I guess you can say I’m not greedy like that. As for why we can’t get enough of them? Come on!, men are visual beings. It’s right there in front of you, it’s the first thing we see even before your face or the ass and women throw cleavage around nowadays so you don’t have to look far to see boobs everywhere. It’s pretty much an acquired taste because that’s where we started off with breast milk from our mothers so you really can’t blame us

Mr T: They are like supper soft, like really really soft but anyway breast size does matter. I personally like them C cup and below (below meaning B and A).

Mr K: Most guys just love the options, it makes foreplay longer ’cause you have more to pay attention to and there’s the sexiness that comes with seeing some cleavage now and then, this sexual attraction causes guys to look your way. Cleavage calls for exploration. You just wanna know what lies beneath. And A-C’s are just the best. #thingsmyfathertoldme

Mr S: I don’t know if I am the right guy to ask. I don’t necessarily need big boobs because they can be a bit intimidating, well anything bigger than C cups at least. It’s sort of the chicken and the egg, I’m not sure whether it’s because men like big boobs that women get them if they don’t already have them, or because women already with big boobs are in high demand.

Mr E: Yelz it does. It’s not our fault really, it’s a default setting in our genetic make-up. I prefer them moderate size in relation to the physique of the lady.

Mr J: I think it’s just for visual satisfaction…it’s sexually appealing and because some men love to satisfy their woman, we recognise that caressing them turn women on. Size doesn’t do much for me, breasts that are too large look ugly to me and I would rather date a girl with small breasts than oversized ones. It should be in proportion to the body shape really, somehow I tend to feel babes with huge breasts are usually not very smart..that’s just my opinion o.

Mr O: Well to be candid, breast size does matter to men. It has to be moderate enough. Men naturally are attracted to things that catch the eye (since birth). That’s why the boobs have to be the right size meaning it must be big enough to attract attention but not too big to suffocate you during playtime.

Mr R: Does breast size really matter? Yes. It does. Obviously, other attributes matter more but breasts are important. Bigger is better. Unless they’re ridiculously big. A and B cups are jokes. Most of the time. C’s and D’s are best. Overall, proportions matter though. Small breasts on a decent sized girl are almost as bad as big breasts on a very small girl. – Well proportioned. – Well Rounded. Soft with a bit of firmness (Supple). Its just something in our biology. Evolution.


And there you have it Ladies, on average, it seems men prefer C cups but we also know that 99% of women do not know their real breast size so there is the possibility that these men in question have no idea what they are talking about. I’m pretty sure what they’re referring to, as a C is in fact a D. Or at least I hope so, for obvious reasons.

Guys out there, feel free to answer the question using the comment box below and ladies, why do you think men are crazy about breasts and what size do you think they prefer?



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