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Who is the attention seeker?Charles Novia or Maheeda

In his recently published article Charles Novia, who is  fast becoming a public commentator in the showbiz world criticized Maheeda for her display of nude  pictures on social media platforms.


 Maheeda has fired shots back at Charles Novia after the movie producer said the singer was suffering from early stages of bi-polarism.

Maheeda has called Charles an attention seeker just like herself. According to her tweets,:  ’My reply to Charles Novia, he is just a movie producer that his career is dying he needs to write about me to be relevant! Make me a movie! I really can’t tell the deference between me and Charles Novia, only that he has no pussy to put on net so he decided to talk about mine!’.

PR stunt?Why Maheeda Keeps Posting her nude pictures..


Words By Kenni

In recent times, Maheeda has fed the public with her raunchy pictures than with her music.Our attention is gradually moving away from her music to her body.All these is obviously a PR ploy to always make her be in the news.


Yes! she has suceeded and still suceeding  in posting this pictures and putting the blogosphere on ‘fire’…but nobody really knows when this drama will end  and if it she will still be able to strut on life’s hall of fame.


Maheeda is in the news again.I wonder  what motivates her to  post semi nude pictures of herself.Her  focus is now posting of her   raunchy pictures rather

than serving her fans good music. Like a friend wisely said:’This is PR for her’


 I hope she wakes up from this nightmare , real soon.



THE FLYGERIAN INTERVIEW She is a new creature: ‘If I have to do anything now the word of God must be found in it-Maheeda,”Oko yam pia” crooner turned Gospel artiste

The light skinned Caroline Sam known as Maheeda in the Nigerian music terrain , broke into the industry with her hit single:’Oko Yampia’. She gained instant acclaim and recognition making her an artiste to look out for, not just because of her voice but because of her sex appeal which she willingly flaunts at every available opportunity. Today, the story has changed. Maheeda gave her life to Christ making her   a gospel artiste,  who uses  music as a tool to preach the gospel. Kenni   engaged the gifted singer in an interview session as she unveils the turning point in her life and what’s new in her music career.